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From culture to cashflow – it’s all about getting the mix right

Like all things in life, getting the mix right is important. Inevitably there will be ups and downs, that’s what makes life exciting. Especially, at this time of year, taking a more pro-active and intentional approach to how we show up in life matters – particularly in your leadership role at work.


Since beginning my career, I have always enjoyed asking people how they are going when I meet them in passing to see how they respond. What’s fascinating is that ninety-nine per cent of those people respond with ‘I’m busy’.


Based on the statistics available today, it’s clear that we are all busy  trying to make work and life happen. In particular, what concerns me is:


  1. People see busy as a badge of honour
  2. Despite our business we still aren’t getting things done


As a leader, it is our responsibility to find a balance between relationships and results. We all want to cultivate a happy team but can end up tiptoeing around our staff, leading to a lack of results. Alternatively, if you push too hard for results, you may end up negatively impacting culture leading to burnout.


So what’s the answer…?

As you prepare for the weeks leading up to the festive season, consider these 3 tips to ensure you and your team make it in one piece:

  1. Be 100% responsible for your attitude and how you show up each day at work


When things don’t go your way, it can be easy to blame other people, the weather, the market, or nay multitude of excuses. But the truth is, you decide how you show up at work each and every day. Decision making is the backbone of good leadership, and choosing a positive attitude should always be your first choice of the day.


  1. Pay careful attention to your people and check-in regularly to see how they are going


If you are a senior team leader or business owner, it’s  essential to know how your team is doing. I recently had a conversation with a business leader who had a key employee  resign because they felt they were overworked and underappreciated. After a long  discussion, the business leader was able to convince the team member that they were valued and that their work was appreciated. This moment highlighted  to the boss that they never took the time to check in with their team or share their appreciation.


People need reassurance, and as a leader, it is important to check in with your team. Providing feedback shows that their work is being noticed and it’s the best and  most cost effective employee retention strategy I have come across in my career! Not to mention, it’s leadership 101.


  1. Unify your goals and ensure the message is clear


This can be a game-changer. It’s impossible to progress in the right direction if you don’t know where you’re going.   Taking the time to regularly align the focus of your team’s actions towards the short- and long-term goals of the business is vital. At this time of year, collective energy levels are down, and  your goal as a leader is to make it easy for your people to get things done efficiently by showing them the path of least resistance.


If you’d like some ideas on how to make this happen in your business, please drop me a line so I can share what I’m doing with other clients to ensure they finish the year strong.