Put a SPRING in your step

Show up with more energy this Spring!

Spring has arrived but do you have a spring in your step? By now last festive season break seems like a distant memory, and the public holidays have all but dried up for 2019. 

There is nothing more important you can do for yourself and your team right now than focus on bringing vitality to your workplace and supporting the collective performance of your team to keep the momentum going until the end of the year. By this, I don’t mean everyone limping into December and falling into a heap by doing extra hours and drowning in work just to be clear! It is possible, with the right focus and intent to arrive at mid-December with great energy and a strong sense of achievement for 2019. 

In my recent video I mentioned how sleep and vitality go hand in hand. There are so many reasons why getting rest and a good night’s sleep are important for daily functioning at work and in life generally. So we all agree sleep is important, but what are some ways you can make it happen I hear you asking…..

McKinsey released an article with some great tips to help you sleep more and work better. Take 5 to have a read of their article (here) and come up with some actions you can put in place yourself and with your team straight away to experiment with between now and December. If you find something that works, I’d love to hear about it.

Read the full article HERE.